As one of the leading certified public accounting and consulting firms in Western New York, Lumsden & McCormick, LLP is dedicated to providing superior service and meeting the unique needs of its clients. For the past five years, the Buffalo-based company has also been strongly focused on helping its team of nearly 100 professionals be more accountable for their own health and well-being.

With assistance and support from Independent Health’s Corporate Wellness Team, Lumsden McCormick has developed a comprehensive worksite wellness program around the interests and needs of its employees. From hosting lunch-and-learn wellness seminars, to scheduling offsite group athletic training sessions, to taking part in community walks and charity races, the firm offers a variety of fun and healthy initiatives.

“Our staff likes to stay fit and active, so we’re always looking for different ways to keep things exciting and engaging,” said Stephanie Wilkinson, Director of Human Resources for Lumsden McCormick. “Most of our employees, as well as many of our partners, enjoy participating together in the many wellness activities we offer. It doesn’t matter if something is being held in or outside of the office, the sign-up sheet is always full. They all want to live well and be well. It’s a big part of who we are and something we’re very proud of.”

As part of its worksite wellness efforts, Lumsden McCormick encourages and incentivizes its employees to use Independent Health’s FitWorks® online tool, which engages users in meaningful activities that can improve their health and help them build a better relationship with their doctor. 

By participating in different FitWorks wellness activities throughout the year, employees can achieve their personal health and wellness goals and earn points toward the company’s wellness incentive of a reduction in their health insurance contribution.

Lumsden McCormick employees are also eligible to earn additional rewards for getting active, eating better and completing important preventive screenings through FitWorks® Rewards, a wellness program that is included with all Independent Health small group and individual products at no additional cost. FitWorks Rewards participants earn points by completing claims-verified clinical activities and screenings, along with self-reported wellness challenges. For every 50 points earned, participants are entered in a drawing. 

Each month, Independent Health awards:

  • 50 – $100 Visa® reward cards for those who take charge of their everyday health, like eating fruits and vegetables, drinking more water and getting enough sleep.
  • 50 – $250 Visa® reward cards for completing preventive measures, such as seeing their doctor for an annual checkup or getting a colonoscopy, mammogram or routine bloodwork.

Dating back to the launch of the program two years ago, more than $2,000 in Visa gift cards have been awarded to Lumsden McCormick personnel. Recipients have put the reward cards towards health and wellness services, such as a gym membership, workout apparel and healthy cookbooks.

“FitWorks Rewards has been a great addition to our program as it’s motivated our employees to become even more engaged in their health and wellness,” said Wilkinson. “By getting an annual exam or taking part in a health education seminar, they are not only taking the steps needed to qualify for a premium reduction, but they are also earning the chance to win a gift card. It has certainly given them more reasons to participate on a regular basis.”