Independent Health has partnered with Brook, a leading digital health platform for chronic disease management, to offer a personal health companion that can help make it easier for our members to take charge of their health and manage chronic disease. Available for smartphone users, Brook Health Companion can be downloaded for free at

By using Brook Health Companion, you can log, track and monitor your exercise, nutrition, medication and sleep pattern information on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Brook analyzes your data to deliver personalized health recommendations to you. You can also chat one-to-one with Brook’s team of experts, including nutritionists, skilled dietitians, nurse practitioners and other highly qualified specialists.

Plus if you have a chronic condition, such as diabetes or hypertension, Brook can provide you with additional support and assistance anytime from anywhere.

Controlling diabetes better with Brook
People with diabetes who use Brook get personalized support between doctor visits and guidance to get back on track when their blood sugar falls outside the “safe zone.” In addition, they receive helpful advice and tips from Brook experts.

Amy Kan of Blasdell credits Brook for helping her lower her A1c level from 11% to 5.5%. When she was first diagnosed in October 2016, Kan struggled to manage her type 2 diabetes and felt very frustrated. But once she began using Brook, she learned more about her condition and was able to reach her goals faster.

“All the information I need is now right at my fingertips. It’s quick and easy,” said Kan. “When it comes to my diabetes, the Brook experts tell me what I need to know, what to do and what to change. I no longer need to try to find this information on my own. If I have any questions or problems or just need some guidance, Brook is there for me 24/7. I don’t feel alone anymore.”

Like Kan, Kurt Maytum was introduced to Brook in March 2017. He used to log his daily blood sugar readings on paper, but the Fredonia resident now tracks them more conveniently through Brook. This makes it easier to monitor his progress and review his blood glucose charts with his doctor.

“I’ve gotten to the point where I’m pretty much self-aware when it comes to my diabetes and keeping my blood sugar at the right level,” said Maytum, who has been able to reduce his A1c level (from 12% to 6%) since his diabetes diagnosis nearly two years ago. “Getting a weekly message from Brook that says, ‘All your recent blood glucose readings have been within the safe zone,’ reinforces to me that I’m staying on the right path.”

Both Kan and Maytum have also been able to lose more than 50 pounds each by making smarter and healthier decisions with the help of Brook. For instance, Brook experts have provided Kan with tips on how to lower her carbohydrate intake and recommended that Maytum take at least 8,000 steps a day.

“It can be hard to adjust your lifestyle after you’re told you have diabetes,” said Kan. “Thanks to the assistance I’ve received from Brook, I’m more active now and full of energy.”

Added Maytum: “I think it’s great that I can get advice and feedback by simply picking up my phone and going to the Brook app. I understand that Brook experts are not my doctor. But they’re very knowledgeable about diabetes and provide tremendous support.”