A trip to the bakery doesn’t necessarily mean putting a hold on your healthy eating goals.

And the minds at Chrusciki Bakery are showing how that’s done.

For the second year, Chrusciki won the Best Tasting Healthy Options Dessert sponsored by the Independent Health Foundation at the 2023 Taste of Buffalo. While adhering to the Healthy Options nutrition requirements for calories, fat, and sodium, the winning Pina Colada Parfait packs flavor that screams summer fun.

“Our team worked hard to come up with a refreshing and bright dessert,” said Kayleigh Martin, Creative Director for Chrusciki Bakery. “We wanted the flavor to scream summer and fun. We think the Pina Colada flavor did just that! Our General Manager Nicolle Reed did a great job bringing all those aspects together to create the fun dessert.”

The dessert made its debut at the Taste of Buffalo and was such a hit, customers can now find it at Chrusciki’s Clarence bakery.

“We sold out of our Parfaits both days, luckily right before we closed down,” Martin said. “We even had people come back Sunday looking for them, because they saw them all over social media. They were our top sellers of the weekend.” Chrusciki also won Independent Health Foundation’s Best Tasting Healthy Options dessert in 2019 for its apple cinnamon pierogi.

Chrusciki Bakery’s award-winning Pina Colada Parfait

New Jewel emerges as Best Healthy Option at Taste of Buffalo

Featured as new business at the 2023 Taste of Buffalo, New Jewel of India made a big splash, winning first place with for Best Tasting Healthy Options presented by the Independent Health Foundation.

The winning dish is Chana Saag, a staple on the Kenmore restaurant’s menu.

“The Chana Saag is a mix of greens, like spinach and mustard leaf, with broccoli, cilantro, cabbage and chickpeas,” said Jasprett Singh, who with his father, mother, and sister operate New Jewel. “It is very popular.”

The dish is one of many vegan options at New Jewel which specializes in Indian cuisine.

“Everyone has different diets they want to follow or many dietary restrictions, so we want everyone to be able to come in and enjoy a meal they don’t have to regret later on,” Singh said.