Finding time to live healthier can be challenging for many people due to their busy day-to-day lives. However, leading-edge technology is making it easier for people living with chronic health conditions to make healthy choices.  Brook is one such smartphone mobile health app that helps manage your health on your own terms right from your smartphone whether you’re living with diabetes, hypertension, or just want to be healthier.

Denise Pilarski of Buffalo found out how powerful Brook can be in helping to change one’s life.

In the spring of 2018, Denise was looking to gain better control over her diabetes. At the time, her blood sugars were alternately too high and too low. During an appointment with Allyson Odachowski, a local registered dietitian, she learned about Brook and immediately downloaded the app.

Watch how Brook helped Denise take control of her health

Denise was interested in making lifestyle changes, such as getting more exercise and eating healthier foods, but wanted practical tips for implementing these new behaviors. Using Brook, she began to log her blood sugar levels, physical activity and what she was eating, which enabled the Brook Experts to gain a better sense of where she might benefit from more support and guidance. Denise reviewed the information she received from the Brook Experts about eating more vegetables, planning healthy breakfasts and fitting in more consistent exercise to her daily schedule. Together with the Brook Experts, she set a goal to add veggies to two meals a day.

Since then, Denise has been focusing on balancing her meals, and engaging in small bursts of daily activity throughout the week. As a result of focusing on food and fitness, her blood sugars have been in her healthy zone nearly every day. Most importantly, she feels confident in her ability to control her diabetes and manage her health.

“I want to keep my health on track. With Brook’s help, I do and I just feel healthier,” Denise said. “Since I began using the app, I have seen my blood sugars level off in a good way. I feel more energetic following my exercise routine. Plus, Brook is very user-friendly. If I have questions, the Brook team is always there to help me.”

Brook provides 24/7 support

You can simply chat with Brook anytime from your mobile phone. Brook will gather as much information as it can so that its team of health experts, which includes nutritionists and registered dietitians, can provide you with personalized recommendations and tips, while also helping you develop strategies for accountability so that you can achieve your personal health goals.

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