By Jennifer Picone, Manager-Corporate Wellness, Independent Health

Do you feel like you’re sleep walking through life and just going through the motions? Maybe you are fearful of the unknown or not sure where to begin. When we are merely surviving, life often seems hard and it can be a struggle every day. However, when we are thriving, life is joyful and contagious, and we are excited about future possibilities and adventures.  

Change is tough but taking small manageable steps each day can put you on the path to creating new habits for greater health and happiness. When we stand at the edge of growth, curious about life and future possibilities, anything is possible. Each one of us is capable of creating a life we love based on the daily choices we make.  

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”

John C. Maxwell, New York Times best-selling author

Start by creating a small weekly goal and decide which daily task will help you get there. Then ask yourself what area in your life do you want to improve? You can consider these tips when choosing a goal: 

  • How do you start the day?  
    • Swap the morning news or coffee run for 5 minutes of meditation or journaling.  
    • Set your intentions for the day.  
  • How do you fuel your mind and body throughout the day? 
    • Are you getting enough water throughout the day? Perhaps increase water intake or limit other sugary beverages.  
    • Move your body for at least 30 minutes throughout the day. Walk outside if the weather allows. Our bodies need sunshine and Vitamin D. Plus, exercise plays a key role in both cognitive function and circulation. 
    • Fuel your body with whole foods. Enjoy a healthy snack, such as a handful of nuts or piece of fruit, to keep yourself energized. 
  • Do you live with purpose? 
    • Engage in positive relationships throughout the day. Ask a friend to go for a walk or have lunch. Call a family member to ask how they are doing.  
    • Don’t be afraid to join a club or group to make new connections or learn new skills. 
    • Help others. Do a random act of kindness. 
  • How do you end your day? 
    • Set yourself up for good sleep hygiene. This could include having a consistent sleep schedule, limiting screen time while in bed and avoiding caffeine and alcohol at night.  
    • Spend 5-10 minutes reading or practice gratitude before bed. 
    • Visualize a positive healthy future. 

There is a strong mind-body connection so even the smallest change in one area can positively impact another. Anything is possible if you just commit to taking the first step. 

Since September is Suicide Prevention Month, consider reaching out to a friend, tell them you are grateful for them, and suggest creating a new healthy habit together.